Saturday, March 5, 2011

Creme de la Crepe

It is Happy Hour week in Old Town Pasadena. Creme de la Crepe was the only establishment we came across that still had the happy hour that night while we were waiting for our movie to start.

Their wines were only $3 per glass during this happy hour. My buddy was hungry and also ordered the soup du jour- Cream of Broccoli and also the Beef Tartar which is essentially a rare filet mignon pate with a piece of toast on top.

The service was pretty good. However, the place is very much like a hole in the wall. It is very tiny in one of those alleys and sometimes things can get overlooked such a very sticky stool the table we were led to had. We waited for seats at the bar (in order to take advantage of the happy hour deals).

The place is authentically French as in the servers are French- they speak with French accents and you hear them speak French to one another. Though I did not have a taste of the food, they were definitely prepared as delicately as they do in France. I have been to restaurants that claim to be French but all they do is serve pastas and things smothered in cheese with wine. I have not been impressed with those at all and gave up looking for an authentic French place outside of France. It is true what they say- you find things when you least expect it.

I would definitely come back here and actually eat something next time. It has a pleasant ambience and they have musicians that perform.

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