Saturday, November 26, 2011

Houston's Steak House

I went to Houston's in Pasadena with my family. I wasn't a huge steak fan. I just got the chilli which came with a few pieces of tortilla chips topped with shredded cheese and onion. It really wouldn't have killed them if they offered a whole bowl of chips for the price.

My sister got the fish burger which she enjoyed. And my parents both got some kind of meat, the center cut filet, perhaps with french fries.

The server wasn't very good. I saw reviews for their crab cakes so we had asked if they had crab cakes and why it wasn't on the menu. She responded that they did have crab cakes. Well the crab cakes turned out to be very mushy inside like it was filled with mayonnaise.

As a non steak lover, I would not return to this establishment.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This is a taco place near old town Monrovia. It has $1 taco Tuesdays. The tacos are great, but as with cheap great food, the wait can be ridiculous. We were kept waiting quite a while before we were served. The tacos are small so you would have to order 5 to feel full.

For desert, I got the Sopapilla. It is wonderful and very reasonably priced!! There are 4 pieces of light and fluffy squares drizzled in something faintly sweet with a scoop of ice cream. Yum! It beats the churros from Pop Desert and Champagne Bar in Pasadena.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mrs. Knott's Chicken Dinner

Well this place is overhyped. My sis and I got the Chicken dinner which comes with an entree, corn, and biscuits. The chicken is not very tasty. I was expecting something with some extra kick, but it was kinda dry and bland. I got the dumplings and it just seemed very doughy and mushy and I got full on it fast. We couldn't even finish our apple pie with ice cream.

I did take the leftover dumplings home and it did make as a very nice midnight snack.

Not returning. However, it being the month of November I was able to get me and my sister into Knott's Berry Farm theme park for free. The turkey leg inside by the way is horrible as well! Not worth the $12. Save your money and bring your own snack!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Moo Creamery

On the way to a job site, my coworker and I stopped at Moo Creamery for lunch. I got the 24 hour Burger. I couldn't resist the sunny side egg on top. The egg made the burger, but it was so messy it puts Carl's Jr. commercials to shame. Egg yolk dripped down all over the place. I had to soak my buns up in them to eat the plate clean. I had it with the Freshly squeezed Basil Lemonade. It was very strong, very tart. I had to add water to make it more drinkable, but it's definitely a refreshing healthy idea compared to a fizzy soda.

We then had some samples. I had a sample of the bacon ice cream; it had a gritty feel to it and if you didn't know it was bacon, you woulda thought it was walnuts or something; though upon the 3rd bite, you'd start wondering why it had a salty smoky flavor. I ended up getting a dish of toasted almonds with whisky caramel on top. Oooh, the whisky was strong.

The staff is healthy, the atmosphere pleasant with a nice mix of eaters. I would definitely come back again if I were in Bakersfield again. It would make for a nice stop after white water rafting say.