Monday, February 20, 2012

Bun Bun Tea House

Looking for Genki Living? Look no more. The former Asian crepe place has been turned into a Taiwanese burger joint. The food served tastes better than the name sounds.

Mom ordered the Black Pepper beef rice bun which is more like a pita pocket bread. They even added an egg. My sister got the Spicy Chicken burger which also had an egg and a peanut butter spread. I got the Peanut Butter Cheeseburger with no ketchup and it was also amazing. I love how they put a fried egg in each one cooked just right so that the yolk doesn't get all over the place but at the same time is not overcooked.

The burgers come with fries and one potato ball. You could substitute for something else for 50 cents extra.

We went the other day to get an order of potato balls. One order comes with 6 and they were buttery and delicious with a dollop of cheese in the middle. Well today, the potato ball seemed to be missing flavor of any kind, no butter, just the cheese in the middle.

Their drinks are also delicious. I got the iced green tea with no sugar. And my sister got some coffee tea with freshly made boba, so fresh, it was still warm in the icy drink.

The atmosphere is pleasant. It is served by 2 Asian dudes. They are friendly but sometimes is hard to get their attention, especially if there are other customers. The place is really big enough to hold about 6 tables. You also have a choice of sitting on a sofa with a low coffee table. Flip through old Asian magazines on a shelf while waiting.

They have a tip jar. They were not coming over when we wanted the check so I gave them the money on the counter. They came over to give the change. And I was walking over to the tip jar on the counter as they came by to clean the table. They collected the tray the bill was on and gave me a funny look but looked relieved just as I put the tip in the jar before I left.

The only disadvantage of the place is that it's CASH ONLY!

99 Ranch

I am typically skeptical about the fast food sold at supermarkets, but the breakfast 99 Ranch offers is the best.

You have a nice selection of Taiwanese type breakfast items such as steamed pork-veggy buns, preserved duck egg pork porridge, rice roll with a crispy crueller inside and an egg wrapped inside a tortilla, and more.

The porridge is light yet filling, not greasy like a McDonald McMuffin; the rice roll is one of the best, much tastier than what J.J. Bakery offers. The turnip cake comes with a yummy sauce, similar to soy sauce but thicker with a hint of sweetness.

Each item is made with care, pleasing to the eye and tastbuds. And for those who do not like Taiwanese style foods, they also offer egg rolls and chicken wings to the discriminating American palette.

The staff is quick and efficient with your order. The only problem is arriving early to avoid crowds and getting good parking. Hungry customers can become rude and pushy.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stacked Sandwiches

My coworkers and I went to Stacked Sandwiches quite by accident. We were wanting Boiling Point but the line was too long so we left.

They have interesting burgers such as Agent Orange, Chicken Little's Big Brother, and the Wacked Stacked Burger.

I got the Rev Pablo Pastor sandwich which as pineapples. It is generously stacked with a good cut of meat, lettuce, tomatoes and on the very top freshly sliced pineapples. It even has bacon! However, it was also very spicy. Their fries are deliciously seasoned.

The staff is very attentive, wiping clean the counter tops where we chose to sit even though it was not visibly dirty and even taking the time to get paper towels to wipe them dry immediately. Every 10 minutes or so they would ask how we were doing.

The type of customers are mostly construction workers, which shows how filling the food is. One burger averages out to be approximately $7, but they are made with a lot of care. Even though filled from patty to patty, one can eat a burger without getting it all over the place, which proves Carl's Jr. wrong that a good burger does not necessarily need to be a messy burger.

Additionally, they provide a water dispenser with paper cups in the back corner.

I also love the decor. There is a drawing of a Buddha holding the world in his hands on the wall.

2 thumbs up for sandwiches and burgers!!