Monday, February 20, 2012

99 Ranch

I am typically skeptical about the fast food sold at supermarkets, but the breakfast 99 Ranch offers is the best.

You have a nice selection of Taiwanese type breakfast items such as steamed pork-veggy buns, preserved duck egg pork porridge, rice roll with a crispy crueller inside and an egg wrapped inside a tortilla, and more.

The porridge is light yet filling, not greasy like a McDonald McMuffin; the rice roll is one of the best, much tastier than what J.J. Bakery offers. The turnip cake comes with a yummy sauce, similar to soy sauce but thicker with a hint of sweetness.

Each item is made with care, pleasing to the eye and tastbuds. And for those who do not like Taiwanese style foods, they also offer egg rolls and chicken wings to the discriminating American palette.

The staff is quick and efficient with your order. The only problem is arriving early to avoid crowds and getting good parking. Hungry customers can become rude and pushy.

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