Monday, February 20, 2012

Bun Bun Tea House

Looking for Genki Living? Look no more. The former Asian crepe place has been turned into a Taiwanese burger joint. The food served tastes better than the name sounds.

Mom ordered the Black Pepper beef rice bun which is more like a pita pocket bread. They even added an egg. My sister got the Spicy Chicken burger which also had an egg and a peanut butter spread. I got the Peanut Butter Cheeseburger with no ketchup and it was also amazing. I love how they put a fried egg in each one cooked just right so that the yolk doesn't get all over the place but at the same time is not overcooked.

The burgers come with fries and one potato ball. You could substitute for something else for 50 cents extra.

We went the other day to get an order of potato balls. One order comes with 6 and they were buttery and delicious with a dollop of cheese in the middle. Well today, the potato ball seemed to be missing flavor of any kind, no butter, just the cheese in the middle.

Their drinks are also delicious. I got the iced green tea with no sugar. And my sister got some coffee tea with freshly made boba, so fresh, it was still warm in the icy drink.

The atmosphere is pleasant. It is served by 2 Asian dudes. They are friendly but sometimes is hard to get their attention, especially if there are other customers. The place is really big enough to hold about 6 tables. You also have a choice of sitting on a sofa with a low coffee table. Flip through old Asian magazines on a shelf while waiting.

They have a tip jar. They were not coming over when we wanted the check so I gave them the money on the counter. They came over to give the change. And I was walking over to the tip jar on the counter as they came by to clean the table. They collected the tray the bill was on and gave me a funny look but looked relieved just as I put the tip in the jar before I left.

The only disadvantage of the place is that it's CASH ONLY!

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  1. When did Genki Living change? Looks good! Maybe I'll give them a try the next time I'm in town.