Friday, February 17, 2012

Stacked Sandwiches

My coworkers and I went to Stacked Sandwiches quite by accident. We were wanting Boiling Point but the line was too long so we left.

They have interesting burgers such as Agent Orange, Chicken Little's Big Brother, and the Wacked Stacked Burger.

I got the Rev Pablo Pastor sandwich which as pineapples. It is generously stacked with a good cut of meat, lettuce, tomatoes and on the very top freshly sliced pineapples. It even has bacon! However, it was also very spicy. Their fries are deliciously seasoned.

The staff is very attentive, wiping clean the counter tops where we chose to sit even though it was not visibly dirty and even taking the time to get paper towels to wipe them dry immediately. Every 10 minutes or so they would ask how we were doing.

The type of customers are mostly construction workers, which shows how filling the food is. One burger averages out to be approximately $7, but they are made with a lot of care. Even though filled from patty to patty, one can eat a burger without getting it all over the place, which proves Carl's Jr. wrong that a good burger does not necessarily need to be a messy burger.

Additionally, they provide a water dispenser with paper cups in the back corner.

I also love the decor. There is a drawing of a Buddha holding the world in his hands on the wall.

2 thumbs up for sandwiches and burgers!!

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