Monday, January 30, 2012

Hard Rock Cafe- Guam

It is across from the DFS Galleria in Tamuning, not too far a walk from hotel row.

My Navy buddy was crazy about this pull pork sandwich from another Hard Rock Cafe and he wanted to try it again. When I went to the one in Houston, it had a pretty good mac and cheese.

The other Navy buddy got the pull pork too. It was just as the other one remembered it. I got the side of mac as I didn't feel too hungry. The mac was good, though a little spicier than I would have expected. I was glad I only got the side and not the whole entree which would have been $18.

I was disappointed with the Haagen and Daz at our hotel. It looked like quite a large shop but it had only three boring flavors- vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. So I was tempted to look at the dessert menu and got the Creme Brulee. Well the Creme Brulee here is the worst I have ever tasted. It came in a good sized shot glass instead of the typical shallow round or oval ramkins and it was nothing more than overly sweet goopy cream. The only thing they did right was the brulee part but everything below that was pure disgusting I could only force myself to eat no more than half the glass. When the waitress came and asked how it was I told her "terrible". She asked what was wrong with it I told her it tasted only of sugar, no other flavor and she said that she hears that is what it is supposed to be. I tell her no, the ones I've had are so much more than that and she asked me where I had it. I tell her that I've had them mostly in California but they are pretty authentic. And she tells me that they would be more authentic than Guam...but it just seems like the way the Creme Brulee was made was so sloppy and careless. Would it kill them to add a vanilla bean or a hint of something special like taro or something?? Even the green tea creme brulee I've had at Shin Sen Gumi tasted better.

My Navy buddy left to buy souvenirs for his kids downstairs. I thought about getting a magnet and it was like $13, so overpriced. I was happy with the Hard Rock in Houston; the server was friendly and helpful, but the one here in Guam was terrible and completely loopy like she must have been smoking something funny before she got to work that night. She kept passing my our tables but not checking on us. And when she collected our payment, she collected the one behind us too, but when she brought them out again, she did it one by one which was kind of annoying, as in she returned the card of the guy behind us first. Then she went back inside to return ours, but it would have been more time efficient to just bring both of ours back. And when I asked for the Creme Brulee she stared at the other 2 for a while and one of my buddies had to finally say they didn't need anything else and she laughed.

I do not recommend this Hard Rock at all. For regular American food, the prices are terrible; it is clearly targeted for tourists. You are better off going to TGIF across the street next to the DFS.

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