Monday, January 23, 2012

Ban Thai

This is the best Thai food I've had. First time around I had the pineapple fried rice. Second time I got the Drunken Noodle. They also have a mango fried rice, which I was curious about.

My buddy got the Pad Thai. He loved it so much he ordered it again to go for lunch the next day. And he ordered it again to take away a few days later. He shared some of that Pad Thai to 2 others who loved it as well.

Their Thai tea is good, not too sweet like some places. The only down side would be they do not serve iced coffee.

The place is full of Japanese tourists. In fact, the first night we went, they played Japanese music. 2nd time it was Thai music. We sat inside the first time. Outside the last time. The service is relatively good given the number of diners. If you are Asian, they may think you are Japanese and give you a Japanese menu. They gave us Japanese menus the first time and I thought that the owners were perhaps Japanese and didn't think about asking for English menus. The second time I asked them in English to have us seated so the server must have realized I needed English menus.

The food is freshly cooked. I really can't think of anything negative to say. If I ever return to Guam I would come back to this restaurant.

It is within easy walking distance from hotel row at Tumon Bay, a little past Route 66 and before the Hard Rock Cafe.

Look for a coupon for free Thai iced tea with purchase of dinner entrees in those recreation books such as from rental car centers.

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