Friday, June 4, 2010

Carl's Jr. Teriyaki Burger

Mom wanted to take advantage of Carl's Jr's 2 Teriyaki Burgers for $4.

Total with tax came out to be $4.39. The cashier gave me back the coupon to use again if I wanted to. It expires this weekend. She asked me if I was getting off work or school. I told her I wasn't employed and I did just have an interview. She asked me if I was going to school and just got out. Wow...

This is the location at Las Tunas. Service is pretty good. After I ordered, I stood around and looked at the kitchen lady and the equipment she used and this other lady that got out all these buns. Well one of them tells the cashier that I was waiting...I guess they thought I was waiting to order or something...but I said no, just for my that was when she did that small talk that I'm not so sure I'm appreciative of but maybe should.

Anyway, the burger was pretty good. What a deal, considering that crappy burger I had in Oahu, HI from a crap of a shack claimed to have the World's Best Pineapple Burger that had no taste, more onions than pineapple which was paper thin and was a whopping $8. I'm not even going to mention the name of the place because I don't want anyone to go to check it out.

Well first of all, the Carl's burger did not have a pineapple slice as large as you see in their ads. I didn't get a good look or taste of it until I was about a quarter way through eating it. The teriyaki sauce is marvelous though and I'm someone that is infamous for hating sauces, but their sauce is great!! It also has some onions, some purple and some white grilled ones, but they are chopped in pretty thin slices.

On the other hand, Island's Pineapple Burger is much better. But nevertheless, for the price...2 thumbs up.

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