Friday, December 17, 2010

Noodle Boy

My coworker and I found Noodle Boy when we were planning on eating Shin Sen Gumi on a chilly day but the parking lot was way too full and there was a long wait.

We liked the sound of Noodle Boy and decided to check it out. Even though it is a bit of a hole in the wall, the food is pretty good. It has the feel of the type of specialized food served in Asia under tents in those crowded narrow alleys amidst busy markets, though without the fear of being run over by a motorcycle. The price is very reasonable as well. You get quite a large bowl with a reasonable amount of toppings for under $6. I got the meatball, which is pork; and my coworker got the fishballs.

The staff consists of little old ladies who speak little English. They seem to be more fluent in Cantonese but they speak Mandarin as well. Fortunately I speak Mandarin and it made the ordering process easy than it otherwise would have been. When we sat down, they gave us hot water in plastic cups. The coworker wanted cold or non-hot water; they couldn't understand him so I had to translate. They apologized and brought non-hot water right away.

Our food came fresh and piping hot. The coworker wanted a cup of ice to cool his soup down immediately to make it more palatable for his enjoyment. I asked for a cup of ice and the lady came right away with it.

For the price and what it is- Noodle Boy, I would say it is a pretty decent establishment and would recommend it if you are into noodles. It might be frustrating if you can't speak Chinese, but one can always point and order Tarzan style with simple sign language.

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