Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Guppy Teahouse

I have been to the Guppy House twice in Irvine. It is in the same plaza as the 85 Degree Cafe. I usually go during the day like after lunchtime and there usually isn't much of a wait and I get seated rather quickly. However, I feel that the staff is more attentive to customers seated inside than those outside. Also they are more attentive when there is a larger group. The first time I went back in 8/2/10 with my sister. We ordered the minced meat with rice dish which comes with a lot of other side dishes (corn, cucumbers, etc). We also got an extra side of fried pork.

The presentation is excellent for a teahouse and the quality is good for the price. They also give you pretty generous portions. I far prefer the food here than that from Ten Ren's (which is expensive and subpar).

I have not had the chance to try the teas and ices here as I usually get here after ordering a little something at the 85 Degrees Bakery to justify the ridiculous wait over there. I will need to come back for the desserts next time.

Closeup of the minced meat with rice

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