Friday, February 11, 2011

Pho 89

My coworker and I went to Pho 89 after realizing there wasn't an Indian place closeby from the office. It is located on Garvey in the same plaza as the dim sum place and the plaza next to Shinsen Gumi. We normally went to Pho Hyunh for Pho, but wanted to try something new.

Well, not much to say about the place. The restaurant is clean and the service was ok. I don't think it is an authentic pho place considering that there were Chinese words all over the menu. On the other hand, they might have the words to cater to the huge Chinese population in the area.

The quality of the food wasn't so good considering that it didn't exactly taste fresh as in when they brought it out and by the time I tasted it, it felt lukewarm. I got the pork on rice. Either they had it sitting around or they hadn't microwaved the dish long enough.

On the other hand, my coworker got the Pho with Chicken and his meal appeared to be piping hot and he added in his signature ice in order to eat it, it was so hot. I did notice that they don't offer as much veggies as other Pho places normally offer.

Perhaps one cannot expect too much for a dish under $6. However, you can say the same about other better places for the same price if not cheaper.

There are plenty of other Pho places to try out and revisit...I would not return to this one.

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