Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pietro's Italian Restaurant

I stopped by Pietro's on my way home from work. The place is more like a cafe as it is relatively small, though probably better for take outs. There were a few people eating there, mostly adults and their little kids. I got a Ravioli with Meat Sauce.

The customer service is rather poor. I entered to see 2 men behind the counter. They appeared to be busy preparing food, but they could have at least acknowledged my presence and I know they saw me when I walked in. One glanced at me kind of with an annoyed expression. I waited around for about 5 minutes looking at the menu and wondering where to go next if I did leave. The other man asked if I was ready to order and he said it would be just a few minutes to prepare. While I waited, I went next door to the Italian market to see what goods there were. It stank like rotten meat! I couldn't believe there were people shopping inside! I was there less than 15 seconds before I tried as calmly as I could to walk right back out.

The nice thing about Pietro's is that there are chairs placed right next to the door so one can sit and wait after ordering and once the order is ready, one can dash out quickly.

The pasta came with salad and a piece of bread. I was asked what dressing I wanted and I said none. The guy asked if I had my own dressing at home. No...I just don't like dressing because I don't like vinegar which is usually in most dressings.

The pasta was ok. Each ravioli was a pretty decent size with generous amounts of meat stuffed inside. There were approximately 8 pieces. The sauce was ok and I definitely appreciated how the dish was not drenched in cheese. You may order a meat ravioli in some restaurants but inside would predominantly be cheese and the meat would be in the form of bits and pieces found inside the sauce like an Easter egg hunt, which I find rather frustrating.

The salad was fresh; nice green leafy veggies and diced tomatoes.

The bread on the other hand was merely a chunk of a cold weight. It would have been nice if they had offered butter. But I had my own and it tasted very yummy after decorating the cold weight with buttery goodness.

Overall the Ravioli dinner was decent. On the other hand, being that the location of the place is next to a stinky market with a rather tiny parking lot and the demeanor of the staff was as cold as the bread and salad they serve, I would not return to this place, especially considering that just for a few dollars more, and 2 1/2 miles away, I could get a far better pasta cooked with care at Wild Thyme's presented with a warm smile which is priceless.

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