Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cheval Blanc

My sister and I were feeling adventurous so decided to have dinner at this French restaurant. I read they had mac n cheese and martinis. Well the food turned out to be terrible. The mac n cheese tasted rancid like feet. They must have put vinegar in or something. Sis got the trout topped with almonds. She also felt that it tasted dreadful. It came with a sauce which made it taste even worse. We complained about it and the waitress explained that it was the most popular dish, what the customers come for. We asked if it was made from old oil and she said that the specialty was the brown butter which was purposefully burnt to get that unique flavor. She was nice enough to take it off our bill.

The decor and smell of the place was also dreadful, smelling of must and looking very dated. The only other people around were old folks at the bar.

The only good thing I can say about the place was the bread and non-burnt butter.

I will NOT be coming back.

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