Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I was supposed to meet someone at the Equator but I got stood up. I made reservations and everything. I cancelled my reservations but still went and sat at the bar. They have $1 specials on the Martinis on Tuesdays for the first one; $5 for additional drinks. The bartender was really nice. I got a Martini, a $1 Satay stick and for the main course I got the Chilean bass. The main entree is kind of more expensive than what it is. It came with baby bak choy and this mushy white sweet potato which I'm not a fan of. But the ambience was nice. I love the East Asia decor with Buddhist heads and things. It was relaxing and cheered me up a little.

I'm not sure about coming for dinner, but I would love to come again. They have brunch specials as well on the weekends so I would love to check that out.

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