Monday, December 26, 2011

Gelato Paradiso

Gelato Paradiso is definitely the best gelato place outside of Italy! Don't take my word for it; the length of the line says it all. There were at least 10 people by the time we got there and lots more lined up behind us.

I got the Tiramisu and Mint chip in a waffle cone. I had a sample of the toasted almond, but mint chip has always been my fave.

My sis got this double chocolate and coffee flavor. She said it was so good, she was gonna cry.

I'm happy with my flavors. As for the waffle cone, the smell is divine, but because it was freshly made, it caused a leak and gelato leaked all over my favorite Linkin Park hoodie.

Despite all that, I would definitely make the long drive to Laguna Beach. It truly is a euphoric experience on the gustatory system. And the gorgeous beach view is just a short stroll away.

I used to live in Laguna Beach for a few short months with Hogmany. I don't know how we could have missed this place.

Get your Gelato here. You can thank me later.

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