Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thrifty's Ice Cream

Thrifty's ice-cream in a 1.75 quart container is only $1.99 with the wellness card! Make sure you sign up before you pay. The lady behind the counter was nice enough to tell me about the great deal because otherwise without the card, it is $3.49. And best thing is they don't tax you for it. it was $1.99 exact!

They've got some really fantastic flavors like chocolate malted crunch. The taste and the price just can't be beat. Now that's what I call a cool deal!!

My other favorite flavors are mint and chip and coconut pineapple.

I know it's always made fresh because the factory is right in El Monte! Beat that Ben and Jerry's (which I have never been a fan of except during their free cone days).

This is another great item that brings me back to my childhood days. I remember back then a single scoop was only $0.35! Now I think it's over a $1.00? And the quart packaging did not have a lid, it was merely a square carton with flaps to open and close. Ahh...the simple days.

Update. Price has gone up to $2.50; 2 for $5.

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