Sunday, April 17, 2011

Point08 Bar

Looking for a way to de-stress after a long drill weekend, I arrived at Point08 Bar. There was live music- a bass and a guitar playing jazz. It's less than 2 miles from my place.

Yes, I went by myself but I told the waiter for 2 and since the place was essentially empty (I arrived at 10:30pm), he let me sit wherever I want. Naturally I chose a table close to the musicians.

He asked if I would like sparking water or tap water. And asked if it was just me with almost a sympathetic look...and I said " friend is on her way". I doubt I fooled him especially after 20 minutes passed. I texted a few people with little success of a positive answer. No matter. I shall enjoy the music and ambrosia alone...

There was only one other table near me with 2 diners...although a couple guys from the back trickled out later.

I ordered the Lobster corndog and a martini. The waitress suggested the Uva Bella. Well the corndog wasn't quite what I had expected as I was expecting something in the classical shape of one, but it is essentially lobster pieces dipped in fried batter with a variety of sauces and a dish of leafy greens...the Uva Bella was good; can definitely taste the grapes and was in a rather impressive and generously sized martini glass. At first I didn't feel any effects of the alcohol. I thought that maybe it was because they didn't bother putting much in it since they didn't even ask for my ID! Well it wasn't until after the meal, and though I drank both glasses of water too that I felt the effects of it kick in. Initially I was apprehensive and feeling stupid about coming alone...but later I didn't care.

Not sure if I would come myself anyway. I can't say it was much fun alone. Some places are cool to go alone, but not this may be a good place to go on a first date though. It has a rather small food menu so good for snacks or nibbling on a little something but not for getting full at a reasonable price. I recommend this place as a first date because of the scant food menu- there is only so much one can eat should the conversation or date go sour suddenly that one can use the excuse that they have finished dining and ready to go. I was in and out of this place in under an hour alone and I was taking my time, listening to the music whilst observing the decor. In this one section there is a mirror on the ceiling which really makes for a very interesting visual.

It does have a rather good selection of drinks as in they have their own specialties but can also make whatever you tell them to as they have a full bar. And definitely go during happy hour. It is happy hour all day Sunday.

The thing I was not happy about was that the total bill came to $13.71. I put down a $20. And the change I got back was $6.25...she cheated me by four cents. Doubt I'll ever go back because of that. Can't trust someone who either can't count or is trying to cheat you on purpose.

Parking was OK on a Sunday night after 8pm. Normally metered, but free street parking otherwise.


  1. This place seems interesting. Is the ambiance sort of like Wild Thyme?

  2. No, it is not like Wild Thyme. Instead of burgers and fries and pasta and baking goods, they have a full bar and bits of creative foods, for snacking more than anything. Plus Point08 is known for live jazz music. If not for the happy hour, the price at Point08 would also be twice as much as at Wild Thyme though at half the portion.

  3. Where is this place? Old Town? I want to make fried potato wonton!