Monday, April 18, 2011

Saigon Flavor

I don't really like Pho, but I like Saigon Flavor's Curry Chicken Rice. It's very pleasant as in it is not spicy, not's just nice.

I called in after work for pickup. It came out to be $6.53 but when I got there, he only asked for $6.50...I felt like I got my cents back (almost- see Point08 entry in which they cheated me of my 4 cents).

They packed it really well. I was worried when I was driving back that the curry was going to spill out as I saw it being tossed from side to side in my car. When I got home and unpacked it, I found that they had taken the trouble to tape the lid down and even placed a sturdy piece of cardboard in between the rice box and the curry container.

The only disappointment was that there wasn't enough rice! Ironically I was worrying that the curry was going to spill out when at the end I had plenty of the curry sauce leftover.

I have had the Chicken Curry with the French Bread also. The bread is french and wonderful and soft. But once again, you run into the problem of running out of it before the curry.

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