Monday, April 2, 2012


We had lunch at the most amazing steakhouse ever called Chamonix in Taiwan. It is French style, yet still fits the taste of the discriminating Taiwanese palette.

We started off with appetizers, a mango dollop, beautifully glowing yellow like a honey dew. The other- salmon with some leafy greens, each fitted to a spoon like plate, perfect for just one delicate bite.

Next, the salads. I got the salmon, its delicate slices sandwiched between papaya layers, topped with black caviar. Amazing.

The soup I selected was the seafood chowder...this is the best seafood soup I have had since the one I had in Oban, Scotland. Fresh ingredients, its buttery aroma tantalizing and warm enough to melt the soul. I was a little worried about ordering the seafood chowder as since Oban, I have had the impulse of ordering seafood chowder wherever whenever I see it, only to be disappointed with a mushy red color, slimy texture and a rotten fishy taste...this time I was happy with my selection. The Seafood Chowder ought to be called 10 minutes of that was where my heart felt it was. I have never been more in love with a soup as then. It was perfect the way it was, but they had to top it off with a cheese stick...I have never seen anything more perfect...on the other hand, the one thing you may have reservations on about the chowder is that as you are halfway through, you see a whole shrimp staring at you. The shrimp is juicy and tasty though if one does not mind the whole head and eyes still on.

Then the main course- I got the applesmoked pork; the cooks cook your meats in front of you. They ask you how you like it cooked, and provide you a sample of your meat to make sure it is exactly the way you want it. That is customer satisfaction.

My cousin got the chicken which also came with some kind of a shrimp or fish. The wonderful thing about the way the cooks make it is that they give you your meal in parts; not all at once. This way it prevents you from stuffing yourself too quickly; additionally, your food does not sit out and get cold. I love it!

As part of the course, you also get fried rice. It had little bits of dried shrimp and the rice was so full of flavor.

They also serve sparkling wine and this grape juice with a lemon slush. Unlimited refills! In fact, you are being attended to every second, getting refills without even asking for it. I felt like a queen!

The thing I did not like so much is that they ask you to go to another section of the restaurant for the desserts and tea. But I suppose that is just me being lazy. I got the creme brulee. It tasted more like an egg pudding and it was not bruleed at the top. And I got the kiwi juice, which was a bit too tart.

My cousin got the mint tea, which I almost got. I'm glad I didn't, because it was nothing more than mint leaves in a glass of hot water, served with a tiny pitcher of honey. It was more visually appealing than it was to the palette, I was told. However, it is more on the healthy side.

I had a taste of the hot chocolate in ice cream that my other cousin got...ooh it was amazing!!! The hot chocolate IS actually hot. And it was dark and just all velvety and lovely. In the States, when you get served hot fudge sundaes, the hot fudge is not really that hot by the time it hits the ice just ends up being a goopy lukewarm slimy mess...but this...indescribable!

The restaurant is good for large gatherings. In fact, I think you do need a minimum of 8 people to be served the steak and full meals.

I had not seen my cousins for more than 2 years. I did not think I would miss them that much as we are quite distant...but they are really nice people and it was really good to see everyone. And of course I am really lucky to have relatives with such refined taste!!


  1. Was this in Taipei?

    Do you know how close it is to Taipei Train Station?

  2. We were at the one in Tao Yuan, but as you can see the list of locations on the site, they have a branch in Taipei too. It is prob slightly different, but should have same high standards in food quality and service: