Thursday, April 26, 2012

Golden Deli

Wow...the platform here changed...

Coworker was feeling like Pho so I suggested Golden Deli which is a new location at Temple City.  I have been to the San Gabriel one, and honestly did not like it that much, but maybe because it is San Gabriel and always got crowded, stuffy and stinky fast.

Coworker was in doubt as she was happy with our usual Pho-licious.  But I convinced her to be adventurous and go.  Temple City to her sounded soo far, but it is really along the same route as Pho-licious, but instead of making a left on Live Oak to Las Tunas, you just make a right on Las Tunas, past Baldwin, crossing the border immediately to TC and right there is Golden Deli.

Parking is a bit tricky as there isn't much of a lot, and someone stole my spot.  At the same time construction blocked off 2 precious spaces.  I managed to find street parking and we were immediately stuck in a line at the door.  But the line moved quickly.  I got the rice dish with grilled pork and baked egg.  My coworker got Pho with chicken broth, which also had a crab claw.  I don't remember the full name of it.  She also was tempted to get their banana strawberry cupake and coacoa cupcake.  They were just made that morning and she said they were divine.  She was also impressed with the avocado smoothie.

The setup of this joint is different in traditional places as in you have to get in line to order and pay first before they get the food out.  The good thing about this is that you can decide what you want in line and don't have to bother waiting for the check later.

I only got a side of beef broth that was yummy.  The pork on the rice was kind of fatty and I prefer Pho-licious BBQ pork fried rice in that it is fried with egg, lots of egg.  I hate looking at plain white rice with fat on it. 

I would come back for the Pho and try the cupcakes next.

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