Friday, April 27, 2012

The Derby

A historical spot in Arcadia...the menu even features Seabiscuit's favorites.

Came here for birthday lunch for coworker's 30th!  It was just a nice pleasant group of us girls, no guys!

We all ate healthy, even if some of the dishes had the option of fries, we all got fruit!

I got the Derby bacon was...crunchy.  I was impressed they toast the buns as it was rather warm.  But aside from that it seemed to lack in some flavor.  I prefer the burgers at Cafe on 2nd for a few dollars less.  The plus is that they don't smother the burger in ketcup or mustard as I hate both.

My other coworker got a turkey sandwich with cranberry, which she enjoyed.  And many of the other girls got the salad which they said was good.

The restaurant is decorated with lots of horse memorabilia.  The majority of the diners were white American senior citizens.  My super loves this place!  We went for lunch once before, last year- I got the mushroom ravioli back then and didn't like the pungent cheese.

While the service was excellent and they were flexible in what you wanted (there was a vegan who ordered a ahi tuna edamame salad, but wanted it without the tuna), I'm not sure I would return on my own.

Also parking is valet only.

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  1. Haha.... I've never been to the Derby before, even though I've passed by it hundreds of times....

    Have you done something on Sesame Grill yet? I've only been there once and don't really remember what it tasted like or what I got. It's expensive though!