Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Donuts To Go

The Donut place in the same plaza as Taipan is also definitely worth a visit. The owners are friendly and very accommodating to your sweet tooth needs.

One evening, I wanted the lemon jelly donut which they ran out of. However, the owner offered to transfuse some lemon jelly into a plain donut. She stuck some dessert needle thing into the donut and attached a tube of lemon jelly which got pumped in. Amazing! The donut was completely overflowing with lemon jelly!

Ocassionally, they throw in some freebies like donut holes or an extra donut in, but that is usually if you buy a lot.

If you tell them you want the ham and cheese, they may end up giving you a frozen one though.  I don't mind it too much as it tastes pretty good once it has been heated, but those who stick to only freshly made stuff may mind.

My sis doesn't like the man that works there because one time he called her Mommy!  lol.  He thought she was my mom.  I thought it was funny.

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