Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cafe on 2nd - revisited

I didn't mess up this time at all. I played the same songs: Tears in Heaven, Collide and Shadow of the Day; and this time Joaquin was there!

My old coworker showed up with his date too which was nice. I was really happy they came. He provided some valuable feedback; that he felt that I sang too softly...after all this time no one else had ever said that. On the other hand he has been to lots of heavy metal concerts and loud I don't know if it is really me or him. But I have recorded myself and have felt the same, though I thought it was because I didn't have a microphone.

Well the producer was there again. He said the show I premiere in will be in 2 weeks. I'm not excited about that one since I messed up so badly. I am most excited about this recent one. He said he would make a DVD for me, so I am wondering if this is something I can put on my resume??

Once again, he wanted to interview me. He asked me what Tears in Heaven meant to me, and of course I had to talk about old Whisk. He asked my opinion of some of the other members; and it kind of caught me off guard, I don't know why; everyone is great, they have their own style and they are confident in what they do and they are very entertaining; I wish I said all that, but instead I was just like....'um they're good, lol'. He also admitted he wanted to come check up in 2 weeks...he was going to have a 'work in progress' segment on me. I guess I'm ok with that. I know I'm not good, but everyone has to start somewhere.

I think I may have caught the TV bug. I don't think I have a great TV presence, but I do know people enjoy watching that is something to be proud of; I just wish I had the confidence!!

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