Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Harmony Gold Theater

Guess who is the happy girl who saw Mike Shinoda?

He just completed his first score to a movie called The Raid: Redemption.

Well I just got off work and traffic along Sunset Blvd. was a complete nightmare. It took me a good 20 minutes to go 2 miles. But I arrived at around 6:30pm and was hoping they had a concession stand...and they didn't!

In fact food is not allowed. I had a chicken sandwich in a plastic bag with sour patch kids and the staff would not let me in. I had to leave the food in the counter. But at least they let me leave it on the counter instead of just tossing it out or stuffing it in my stomach like some theaters.

The theater seats about 350 people but I think they would do better with less seats if they made them larger and therefore more comfy. The seat in front of you is literally on top of your leg and every time someone in the row in front of you moves or is talking to the person next to them, it just seems very claustrophobic.

I don't think I would pay to see a movie here; I'm just fine with the free tix I got. And Mike Shinoda was lovely!!

Watch The Raid at a theater near you.

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